Top 8 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Are you trying to sell or buy a house? If yes, you definitely want to consider hiring a real estate agent, and that’s why in this post I’m going to share with you the top 8 reasons to hire a real estate agent when you’re buying or selling a house.

While buying and selling houses are opposite processes, both have similar tasks that need to be done in order to do the best job possible, and get the best deal you can.

And both require knowledge in many different areas that you probably aren’t an expert in.

You might be wondering what are the benefits of hiring a real estate agent, and if it pays off.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether you should or shouldn’t get professional help, here are the top 6 reasons to hire a real estate agent.

Top 8 Reasons For Hiring A Real Estate Agent

Market Knowledge

One of the key things you need to know when buying OR selling a house, is knowing the market well. It’s arguably one of the most important parts of being able to get a good deal.

So many things can depend on the market.

First of all, the market changes all the time – and sometimes it’s more suitable for buying, and sometimes for selling. That’s what we call buyer’s and seller’s markets.

When there are more houses for sale than there are buyers, that means it’s a buyer’s market. Why? Because you’ll be able to negotiate more and get a better deal, since sellers need you more than you need them (well, not always, but you get the point).

And of course, when it’s the opposite, when there are more buyers than houses for sale, it’s a seller’s market. You’ll be able to get away with a bigger price, because buyers won’t be able to negotiate much.

That’s why it’s super important to know what the market is like when you’re selling/buying.

And chances are, you don’t know the market that well. It can definitely be difficult to get that info if you’re not in the industry.

But, the real estate agent will know everything there is to know about the current market, in your specific location.

That alone can be enough to make you want to hire a realtor. However, there are more reasons.

Minimize Waste Of Time

Unless you have tons of time to waste, hiring a real estate agent will definitely pay off.

Listen. The process of selling or buying a house can be SO long. The only way to minimize the time, and sell or buy faster, is by knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, and be as efficient as possible. And there’s no way you can be faster than a professional that does that for a living.

First of all, there are so many parts of both processes. You’ll first need to figure out where to even start. Then when you do, you’ll need to actually spend your time doing all of those things – finding houses, buyers, prepping the home, showing the home, doing all the paperwork, and sooo much more.

Lucky for you, a real estate agent can do almost all of it for you. And they can do it so much faster.

After all, time is money, right?

Save Money

Apart from the point I just made (that time is money), hiring a real estate agent can actually save you money in many ways.

When thinking about the pros and cons of hiring a real estate agent, many people say the con is wasting extra money. So many people decide to DIY everything they can to save money in life in general, and in some cases, it totally makes sense. But here – not so much.

If you don’t hire a realtor, you’ll have to fund all of the necessary activities yourself – and since you won’t know the best places to do them, and you’ll take much longer to do everything, it will end up costing you more.

Realtors have deals with so many places, so they can get things done with a discount. Plus, they know the market, which expert is cheaper and which is more expensive. So, when you add that on top of saving money by saving time (especially since you won’t have to take days off work to do everything yourself), hiring a realtor will save you money.

Negotiation Experience

No matter if you’re buying or selling a house, negotiation is one of the main parts of getting the best deal possible.

So, having tons of negotiation experience is really important.

And when I say ‘negotiation experience’, I don’t just mean general negotiations for everyday things. Negotiation for houses, whether you’re buying or selling, is a whole separate thing. And you need experience with specifically that if you want to get the price you’re looking for.

So, someone who does it almost daily, will definitely be able to get you a better deal than you would get yourself.

Dealing With Paperwork

I don’t know if there’s anything people hate more in general with any business, than paperwork. It’s boring, takes so long, and you always end up missing a paper or a form that you need.

Plus, all of the contracts you need can definitely get confusing.

So, having someone take care of it all for you, is definitely a plus.

Attention To Details

Attention to detail is super important, especially if you’re buying a house.

Even if you’re generally someone who notices details, when it comes to looking at potential houses, you might not know what to look for – so it’ll be easier for you to miss some red flags.

A real estate agent, however, knows exactly what to look for, knows how to pay attention to the smallest of details, and knows which things are worth dealing with and which aren’t.

Access To Experts

When buying or selling a house, there are so many experts you’ll have to work with to get the deal done.

And a real estate agent not only knows the best experts, but probably works with them often as well.

So, why try to find attorneys, insurance agents, escrow specialists, inspection companies, and so much more, yourself, when your realtor can refer them to you?

Finding More Listings

While you can definitely search for listings yourself, a real estate agent will likely have access to a larger database, so they’ll be able to help you find better options for you, much quicker and much easier.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

If all of these reasons and the benefits of hiring a real estate agent made you want to hire one, you’re at the right place!

Hi, I’m Jenn Jenkins – a Phoenix-based (born and raised) real estate agent with more than 10 years of experience as a realtor.

I can help you buy or sell a house with ease (or even rent it!), and I’ll educate you on the process along the way, so you can make the best decisions possible in order to get a deal you’ll be happy with.

No matter if you’re buying, selling, or renting for the first time, or if you’ve done it already – I can get rid of any doubt and stress, and help you actually enjoy the process of buying or selling a house.

If you’d like to chat and see if we’d be a good fit, please contact me, because I’d love to talk to you!

Top 8 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent

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