Alan + Julie

Arizona Transplants + First-Time Home Buyers

Jenn came highly recommended to us by trusted family members, so naturally she was the one we reached out to when we were ready to buy a house.

Not only were we first-time home buyers, we were also unfamiliar with the area, having just moved across the country from Virginia less than a year prior. However, Jenn didn’t see that as a roadblock; instead she found a bunch of homes within our focused parameters, and tirelessly drove around town and showed them to us… (I’m talking lots of homes!).

Our Guiding Star + Expert Resource

Jenn served as an invaluable resource to us, beginning with making good on our “wish list”, to helping us navigate the mortgage pre-approval process; from translating real estate jargon, to working with our erratic schedules to arrange house hunting outings; from finessing her way through the closing and inspection processes, to remaining available and happy to provide advice and connections regarding all things home ownership related. Thankfully, what could’ve been a frustrating, arduous task, turned out to be a pleasant and rewarding one.

After the Ink Dried

Nearly six years later, we continue to call on Jenn and acquire knowledge from her, which is shaping us into savvy homeowners and contributory members of our local community.

Best of All

We not only had a successful, ideal first-time home buying experience; we gained new friends who like to celebrate life and culture through food as much as we do!