The Philosophy of Brian Buffini

I remember one of the first podcasts I listened to by Brian Buffini, and it was a game-changer.  I have followed his systems for years as I have built my real estate career on referrals. 

The philosophy is simple – take care of the client, clients before commissions, growth in your education is key, and build your business on relationships.  I chose to forge ahead with this line of thinking and I tell you, I would not change it.

During this podcast, he said there are 3 questions our clients are thinking as they meet with us regarding either the buy or sell of their home.  These 3 questions have shaped how I approach every appointment and client.  Remember these 3 questions, and I think you will be well on your way to building a career that is worth its weight in gold.

  1. Can I trust you?
  2. Are you good at what you do?
  3. Do you care about me?

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