Buying and selling during the holiday season

As we prepare for the holiday season, many buyers and sellers wonder what the real estate market brings.  Do we list now or wait until the first of year?  Should we buy now or wait for prices to drop? I have said it before and I will say it again, you CANNOT time the market!  

Your situation is unique to you but there are some benefits to buying and selling during the holiday season.  For some parts of the Valley, this is the time to list as we start to see an influx of winter visitors.  And not only in the age restricted communities.  We start to see visitors coming for our glorious winter weather, visitors who are coming out for business, and visitors who are attending 1 of our many winter events.  So, if you have a home that lends itself either a second home buyer or part time resident, now is a great time to list!

Buyers!  You may be waiting for a while for the prices to drop.  Analysts do not predict that we will see that in the coming year.  There are just too many factors pointing away from a downward arrow.  Inventory is extremely low right now, interest rates are near historical lows, and rental rates are high.  You can wait, and wait, and wait but you will lose some buying power as time goes on.

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