Seasonal Staging Tips

The fall season is here, so if you’re planning on selling your home this fall and want to get over asking, it’s time to start preparing!

While this sounds great for a home seller’s bottom line, it may be difficult for buyers to see past the bare bones of your home, we want to ensure that as the seller you are able to maximize offer negotiations.

One of the best tips I can provide to sellers is to simply spend time in your home, but thinking about it from an outsider’s perspective…

What would you want to see in a listing if you were looking for a new home?

Is there something that makes you want to look inside?

You can take time to make the front door welcoming and inviting. If your lot is large enough, consider adding a planter or colorful flowers (chrysanthemums are always an eye-catcher this time of the year) by the door. If flowers aren’t your thing, maybe some fall bulb baskets or some pumpkins will help attract people to look inside your beautiful home. You will want to really zone in on a few specific areas to really embrace the season we are in, and use it to enhance showing experiences!

Selling starts in your front yard, this will be a key player in welcoming potential buyers inside your home.

Your yard will be a key player in welcoming potential buyers inside your home. During the fall you will want to do things like keeping the yard tidy, raking up the fallen leaves, getting your year-round plants prepped for the winter and filling in some areas where your seasonal flowers would go, and including some fall flowers to add a pop to the yard, now is also a great time to tend to any brown patches your grass may have encountered from the warmer seasons.

As the daylight hours are going to become shorter this season, it would be a really great time to light up the walkway to your front door. This provides a level of safety that will resonate with buyers!

Implement seasonal touches around your home that will support staging! Intrigue buyers’ imaginations by inspiring them to picture themselves living there.

The colder months of fall and winter should not deter you from staging. As the seasons shift, cozy homes can welcome buyers with a well-thought-out staging plan. Having a space to hang outerwear will take away the burden of carrying those items throughout the home and will also prevent water, dirt, leaves, and other fall debris from being transferred from one room to another.

If you want to make your home feel snug in those less-than-ideal weather conditions, embrace the fall weather by utilizing furry throw pillows and soft, snuggly blankets. Anything that will encourage a buyer to feel relaxed at home, ready to curl up in a comfy chair with a book in hand will help you get an offer faster.

On a cold day, nothing is more inviting than a warm home. Turn the heat up to about 70 to 72 degrees (you don’t want your guests sweating, but you don’t want them to have to wear their coats either). Make sure it’s even throughout the house; if there’s a part that doesn’t heat well turn on a space heater. All in all, you want buyers to feel comfortable and at ease.

Pro Tip: When decorating for the holidays, it’s a great time to find inspiration from nature, rather than display ghosts, monsters, or turkeys you can replace these and still set the same tone by using fall designs, pumpkins, leaves, and scents will invite buyers in and provide an environment that will welcome them to stay awhile.

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