Ann + Lee

A Competitive Market

When we decided to sell, our neighbor unexpectedly put his house up for sale before we did. A few months after that, we contacted Jenn as she had handled some transactions very impressively for a relative. We were not disappointed!

Jenn came to our house the next day with a detailed marketing plan and presided over an open house that weekend. We had a steady stream of prospects after that, and our house was sold within 30 days at a price very near asking. In the meantime, Jenn took us out on many occasions to look at homes, as we were going to purchase a house with the proceeds of our sale.

Somehow (we don’t know how she managed this!), we closed on our house and on our new house within the same week–amazing! In addition to that, when our neighbor saw that our house was sold, he contacted Jenn (as his didn’t move at all with his former realtor), and within days, his house sold too! Remarkably, Jenn had two sold signs up on adjoining properties at the same time. Don’t hesitate– call her, she’s great!