The Crosby Family

We needed to sell my dad’s house, and although I knew a lot of Realtors, I could not use them due to family dynamics. I believe everything happens for a reason, given that faith, meeting Jenn was definitely a “God thing.”

I was getting my hair done, and my hairdressers next client was running a few minutes behind. I asked my gal what her client did for her job I was just curious. She preceded to tell me that she was a realtor.

As soon as Jen walked into the room, I knew right away that she was the person that would be the perfect person to sell my dad’s house. I believe it was the next day or so that we met with my dad, he also liked her. She got things going fast and although we had issues getting out of the lease for solar panels, she did not tire making phone calls to the solar company, when I could not, or I did not have the answers for them.

Jenn was the perfect person to help our family, especially my dad. Being in the right place at the right time was a God thing.

Our son is going to be buying a house in the future, he has met with Jenn and as soon as they find what he is looking for I am certain it will be a very smooth process for him as well.

No matter if you are looking to buy or sell Jenn is the person that is not only professional but extremely friendly and dialed in to the situation at hand.

Jenn is also involved in the community as a supporter of different entities, I always look forward to hearing from her and what she invites her customers to be a part of.

God bless you Jenn and thank you again for helping our family!