Buyers Timeline Step 1

Step 1 Meet with Jenn

I get asked all the time, why do we have to meet before we start looking at homes? My response, does a surgeon cut right into your shoulder when you need rotator cuff surgery or do they have you get an MRI and assess the situation?  Now, I know that I am not performing surgery – although, I feel that with the right tools and YouTube, I may be able to 😊. There is a reason why a consultation is key.  First and foremost – am I the right agent for you?  Do you know how much you can afford?  There are so many imperative questions that need to be answered before we even step foot into a property.  Education is key!

Not all Realtors™ work the same way.  Just like, not all buyers act the same way.  I may not be the right agent for you, and that is okay.  We will be glued together for at least a month or two so it is important that we are on the same page.  If I find that I am not the right fit, I will get you set up with a Realtor™ who is.  

On our first visit, we will assess what your needs and wants are when it comes to real estate.  We will discuss market conditions and how they will affect your buying power. We will get you set up with a lender and start working on your pre-approval. We will map out our showing timeline and swap contact information.  I want to know how you like to be contacted. I want to know your ‘why’ in buying a home. I want to know what days work best for home tours and who will be attending. All of this and more.

Join me next week as I share step 2 where I will teach you how to learn about the market!

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