Buyers Timeline Step 13

Join me over this buyers series as I walk you through the 14 steps of the buyer’s timeline. 


Step 13- Closing and getting the keys

It’s closing day! We made it. Some of the questions I get asked most often… When do I get my keys? What time do we close? When can I move in? My answer is always, by 5 – given the recorder’s office does not shut down, the fed does not push back the wire, and aliens do not land and burn down the title office 

Look, I am all about setting the expectations! 

There are so many moving parts that must occur on closing day and there is not an exact time I can give. We are at the mercy of all of those moving parts! 

So, I recommend if you are scheduling movers, do it for the day after closing. Utilities, do it for the day of closing. Family to come and help, the day after closing. Friends to paint, the day after closing. Closing day is set for the home to transfer from seller to buyer, and that is it! You just sit back and relax and wait for my phone call.


Join me next week as I share step 14 moving in! Did you miss step 12? Catch it here!

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